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A Clone Apart

At the start of the series, Sana is an 11-year-old child star who is exuberant, cheerful and generally outgoing. Because a boy named Akito Hayama is causing chaos in her classroom, and she sets out to stop him. However, as she learns more about him she becomes compassionate for Akito. Sana began her acting career at the Kowamari Theater Troupe, and now stars in a popular variety program called Child’s Toy, as well as television commercials. During the course of the series, her career flourishes, and she stars in TV dramas and a feature film among other projects. However, when Fuka comes in the series, her relationship with both Fuka (her new friend) and Akito crumbles and all three are left hurting. Fuka, who asks Akito out, becomes his “girlfriend”. Sana in the meantime is in the mountains starring in a movie and doesn’t know about this, and cannot call Hayama or Fuka. Naozumi tells her he loves her, but Sana remains faithful to her love for Akito which is revealed during a night with Asako. She matures quickly during the series but, in her heart, remains a true child. In 2009, Miho Obana published a 100 page crossover manga between Kodocha and Honey Bitter called, Deep Clear in which Sana is shown as an adult, 26 years old, married to Akito and is shown pregnant with his child and ends up giving birth to a girl, who in the ends names the baby Sari

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